Field services

      pre-sale   services       

          It is a service that the company provide in it a follow up on the client Shaft construction and civil works that

          related to the elevator from the beginning to the end of the project

     Supplying and installation services

         It is a service that is done in high quality, high speed and extremely accurate by the most skilled engineers

         and Technicians with international skills

     After-sale services ( maintenance and technical Support)

         It is a service of the most important services , advantages of the company in terms of work mechanisms , the accuracy

         of implementation , the credibility of the dates and availability spare parts

            The project maintenance team visits the project once a month for the full inspection of the elevator and changing the oils.
            The technical report of the elevator condition is provided to the customer and monitored by the maintenance  and the quality    
             departments to always determine the product quality and development.

           Emergency maintenance (fault reporting)

            The customer service will receive 24-hour malfunctions and will immediately notify the nearest maintenance team

Warranty Services

          The company guarantees its products for 15 years. This is considered a precedent in the elevators market in Egypt.

          We are confident that our products are of quality and a 25-year-old life according to the international code of elevators

Electronic services

          Technical support service by receiving complaints,suggestions and communications through the website, social

          media  and telephones

       Supervision and follow-up service for the project

         Through a code for each client to follow up his project using the website and e-mail at each stage of supply

         and installation, as well as during the periodic maintenance of the project